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Katie is a multi-faceted, entrepreneurial spirited, author, educator, musician, performer, producer and liaison. She has received considerable accolades for her accomplishments from numerous stellar and exclusive media outlets such as CBS, Southlake Style, The Keller Citizen and Voyage Dallas as well as others. 


Katie Parr founded Katie Parr Music Academy & Entertainment Group in 2002 with the desire to inspire, discover and mold the next generation of musicians. Katie is an expert in her field and offers the highest rated services and opportunities in the industry. 


Katie has been teaching, producing and performing in Dallas/ Ft. Worth for over 19 years and has helped mold and create stars musically, as well as the big screen (Demi Lovato, Chloe Perrin)



Katie has actively been performing in the Dallas metro area for over 15 years. She is a phenomenal  vocalist, pianist and entertainer.  Katie easily connects with her audience. Many of her fans describe her sound as evocative, expressive and at times, emotional.  Katie has a passionate and dynamic ability to evoke an expressiveness that leaves her audience on the edge of their chairs.  Be it quiet and subdued to bold and expressive, she exhibits the qualities of the ideal professional, who always produces a top notch show.  Her acts have included a solo acts. singing groups and duets. She currently performs along side her previous rockstar boyfriend Kyle Honea in an acoustic duo.  



Katie is also an author whose primary focus relies on her love and area of proven expertise, music! Her seven level children's book series and piano curriculum has been widely published online and has received exceptional acclaim. Piano Land is a very effective introductory system using warm and playful characters that correlate with the piano keys and their notation on the musical staff.  It's a fun and creative introduction to the world of music and only curriculum developed for piano education for children as young as 3. 

Katie's seven level vocal teaching method covers all spectrum of the voice, from the anatomical understanding of the voice and connection to music. Students learn how the voice functions and all the tricks to get the sound they want to produce. Her method includes focus in style development, vocal theory, vocal technique and staging.  


Katie has been involved as an active talent scout for Page Parkes who has worked with such famous faces as Angelina Jolie, Rebecca Romijn, Woody Harrelson and Channing Tatum just to name a few.  In the music business, it's all about who you know. Katie has spent the past 15 years developing and maintaining relationships with local, national and international musicians, event organizers, major venue directors and has all the connections to give you special performance opportunities. More recently, the City of Southlake choose Katie Parr Music Academy to provide them with the national anthem singer for the big Stars and Stripes firework ceremony.


With the phenomenal growth and evolution of electronic media and the explosion and overall prevalence of social networking, Katie has evolved and succeeded as a highly effective online media manager creating, managing and maintaining several KPMA related pages using all safe social media platforms. She does this for her recording artist students and gains them fans, booking opportunities and helps them promote the music they write on iTunes, Amazon music and more!

Check Out What People Are Saying About Their Experience With Katie!! 

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Annalee & I were so impressed with you during the recording process.  You are an amazing person & a great teacher.  You made the process so enjoyable & exciting.   We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. -Lisa R

"Katie Parr thank you so much for your love and support. You are a phenomenal teacher and we are so blessed to have found you." -Sara A.

"Katie Parr is Amazing! Her vast array of knowledge and experience, combined with her passionate and kind nature makes her easily the best teacher I've studied with! She came very highly recommended and I couldn't be more thrilled with the work we do! She has made me feel so comfortable and helps bring out my inner confidence when performing! You won't find a more compassionate and caring teacher. I am proud to be her student and lucky to call her friend!" -Kasey D

"Highly recommended! I've been taking my daughter to Katie for lessons for just under two years and I have to say that my daughter has really improved her vocal skills and her confidence has definitely increased as well. The Academy itself is always a fun and family like environment. I really appreciate what Katie has taught my little girl . Thank you!!!" -Jack T.

"I am a Film Producer in Dallas and had the pleasure to work with Katie Parr Music Academy many times! Katie's talent at working with children, teaching them music..singing...everything is astonishing to behold! Always talented, always professional! We have and are co developing Talent and i am thrilled to be working with KPMA in any and all capacities! 5 Stars all the way! Bravo!"  -Diana O.

"Katie Parr is a super nice business woman who runs an exciting entertainment business for local music talent. She trains these kids of all ages with the vision of putting on a monthly rolling concert series at local restaurants and other concert venues within DFW … some even right where current rock stars perform. She does it right starting with her incredibly multilevel/multifaceted studio in Southlake offering voice and instrument training, recording studio sessions, photography, wardrobe and performance/concert prep … all geared to prepping these kiddos for the big show “The Ultimate Performance Experience"… where a few of her students have even gone on to audition for major talent shows on today’s television as well as careers on radio, TV and film! Have a child who wants to perform? or even thinking about picking up lessons for yourself? I recommend that you give Katie Parr Entertainment Group a call and the rest is up to you!”  -John S.

"Katie is a wonderful and unique performer. She has the ability to connect with her students and her audience. She is always so positive and encouraging to be around. In addition to her musical gifts, she is bright and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and a performer. She has done some live performances for my art exhibits and they were fantastic!!" -Jay Cantrell 




Kyle is an internationally acclaimed bassist, pianist, guitarist and songwriter. He has been teaching bass, guitar and piano for over 19 years.



Kyle is a former Shrapnel Records bassist/artist and GHS endorser, He has appeared on albums featuring Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Ozborne), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Shawn Lane, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns and Roses) and Greg Howe(Michael Jackson)



Kyle has also recorded bass tracks for several international artists including Francesco Fareri (Lion records),and Theodore Ziras (Sleazy Riders records/EMI).


Kyle is the author of "Intro to Bass Shred Technique" and "Rock Bass".  You can view his free instructional columns at: and


Besides his experience, Kyle is an amazing teacher. He has the gift of finding a student's natural musical ability, nurturing and developing their talent while motivating them to reach their greatest level. he emphasizes the importance of developing technique and refining their craft, leaving his proteges with an all around well developed skill.

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