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Stephen Paul is 15 year old singer/ songwriter.  He plays the guitar, piano and drums and his vocals reach a 4 octave range.  Stephen discovered his passion for music at the age of 11.  With no musicality in his family’s lineage, it’s quite impressive that within 4 years he taught himself to read music, play the piano, drums and plays guitar. In addition to reading music, he has the ability to play any song he hears by ear. Stephen has written, mixed and produced over 11 original songs and music videos. He has performed many live shows including music venues, showcases, talent shows, and has made over 50 successful youtube music videos, including "Last Tonight" with over 60,000 views.


Beyond performing, Stephen’s music has reached his fans on another level of notoriety. He was featured and interviewed on several Pop and Country radio stations and his song “Last Tonight” is in current rotation. His sound and songwriting is reminiscent of some of the Great Rock, Country, and Pop bands of the late 80's, thru the 2000's, yet still stands out as new, young, and melodic with catchy lyrics.

Since the release of his new single, "Last Tonight" in September 2016, things have really started to take off. From airplay on major commercial radio in Tx to the many internet radio stations featuring his music. When the pop and rock versions of his song “Last Tonight” were released, it opened up many doors of opportunity for Stephen including a recent performance on stage in Nashville. It’s just a matter of time before his music is in front of the World.

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