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My performance programs are for students currently enrolled in lessons at Katie Parr Music Academy. We perform on the best stages at real music venues, festivals, parades, restaurants and more! Our group is called "Katie Parr Entertainment Group" 




Do I need an appointment? 

Yes, please click here to schedule an audition time. If all the appointments are full, please feel free to drop by and we will try to fit you in.

What should I bring?

 You should prepare a song suited to your unique voice. Prepare to sing it with a backing track or with a piano or guitar, if you play. Participants are responsible for bringing their own backing track via CD, mp3 player or cell phone. 

Do you want me to sing only 16 bars, or more than that?

Our best advice is to find a great piece of music about 32 bars, so we don't have to cut you off if we're running late...

What if I have conflicts with the rehearsal schedule?

(rehearsal schedules are booked as one on one weekly sessions with Katie Parr) If you have one or two schedule conflicts, we may be able to make accommodations in the schedule. If you miss a group practice, an additional private 30 minute class must be scheduled with Katie Parr. PLEASE bring your weekly schedule and any conflicts with you to the audition.

Can I submit a video audition if I can't make it to the scheduled auditions? 

Yes, we do accept video submissions, although we prefer you audition in person.  Please email Katie Parr for video submissions.

Do I need a picture and resume?

 If you have those, bring them. If not, it's not a problem.

I have no previous experience. Is this the right production for me? 
Yes! To qualify to audition, you simply have to be enrolled in lessons at Katie Parr Music Academy. We welcome and encourage students of all levels to audition for our shows. You will not be the only new person at auditions. The audition process is our chance to get to know you and to see what your performance skills are at this time. 

When will I find out if I made the cut?
You will receive an email or text message one day after your audition. If you made the cut, you will then you will be asked to attend casting callbacks.

Is there a fee to be in the shows? 
Yes. There is tuition for weekly rehearsals/ production classes. Prices are different for each performance category and group.  There is also a one time performance fee which is for all 3 concerts. In addition, some music venues, restaurants or festivals may require a ticket purchase for entry to their venue. This varies per venue and if a ticket is required, and our group usually receives a group discount. 


When are the shows?

As each venue confirms show dates at different times, we send out finalized show dates once received from each venue.  However, when you become a member of the performance group, you are given "open dates" which is the time we ask you to reserve on your calendar.



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